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Gallé Daum : Art Nouveau Glass and Asian Aesthetics

Gallé Daum : Art Nouveau Glass and Asian Aesthetics

2017.April 8th~July 21st


Emile Galle and the Daum brothers were glassware artists who are particularly popular in Japan as leading masters of Art Nouveau.

For this exhibition, we have gathered all of our precious collections of Galle and Daum glassware (about 120 items) together, and are exhibiting them along with the paintings and crafts of Japan, China and Korea that were admired by these glassware masters and greatly influenced their art. Please enjoy the dream collaboration of the glassware with its magical kind of appeal interwoven with an “Oriental aesthetics” that have been developed through a long and rich history.

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Okada Museum of Art has Japanese, Chinese, and Korean works of art ranging from ancient times through to the present age collected by Okada Kazuo.

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