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Tanaka Isson: A Proudly Independent Painter who Loved Amami

special exhibition
Tanaka Isson: A Proudly Independent Painter who Loved Amami

2018.April 6th ~ September 24th


Marking the 110th year anniversary of Tanaka Isson’s (1908–77) birth, we are holding a special exhibition presenting his works from our collection for the first time in this museum. Isson, who was referred to as “Showa’s Jakuchū,” moved to Amami Oshima at the age of fifty. Having decided to create artworks that would adorn the remainder of his life, he crafted a new world of Japanese paintings filled with vitality, depicting the likes of subtropical plants and birds. While paintings he created during his time on Amami are very rare, this exhibition will feature some of them, as well as the artwork of Itō Jakuchū the famous painter in the 18th century and Higashiyama Kaii, his classmate at Tokyo Fine Arts School.

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