Hakone is an international and popular tourist destination with as many as 20 hot spring clusters nestled among the verdant mountains and pristine rivers. Kowakudani (Kowakidani) hot springs are located midway between Yumoto Station and Lake Ashinoko on the Japan National Highway Route No.1.

In autumn 2013, a great museum housing many exquisite Eastern treasures and collections opened.
In the Edo period, Kowakudani was called “small hell hole”, in recognition of its smoking wastelands. The ten years between 1877 and 1887 were to see the start of the area’s regeneration as a hot spring spa. A group of far-sighted entrepreneurs created a hot spring spa and resort, complete with both elegant Japanese-style and Western-style hotels.
The Okada Museum of Art was constructed on the site of the old Kaikatei hotel built in the Meiji period for Westerners. Covering some 6,300 m2 and with a total floor area of about 7,700 m2, the Museum has an impressive exhibition space of around 5,000 m2. This spacious building mainly exhibits Japanese, Chinese, and Korean works of art ranging from ancient times through to the present age.

Okada founded the Museum to carefully preserve for the next generations those art pieces that have been handed down in Japan and share the joy and pleasure of encounters with beautiful artifacts that lift the spirit. The mission of the Museum is to bring Japanese and Asian cultures to the world, and broadly contribute to the creation of culture. From this mountainous land of Hakone, the Okada Museum of Art welcomes you to an enlightening and joyous experience of art and culture.

Gallery Spaces in Harmony with Nature

After touring the galleries, visitors can enjoy strolling through the extensive gardens covering some 15,000 m2 and laced with spring streams and trees.
At the front of the building, the visitor will find footbaths with free-flowing water from the hot springs. Relaxing your feet and soaking in the footbath while enjoying a drink, you can appreciate Fukui Kotaro’s huge paneled mural “Wind/Time” (depicting a Wind God and Thunder God). The restaurants in the Hakone Kuramachi complex adjacent to the Museum are scheduled to open consecutively from 2014.

We hope you will enjoy your time experiencing the sublime beauty and serenity of the Okada Museum of Art and its natural grounds, and we are looking forward to helping you enjoy your visit to our Museum.

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