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―special exhibition―
Utamaro’s Masterpieces Reunited : Fukagawa in the Snow and Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara Together after 138 Years

July 28(friday)~October 29(Sunday),2017

―special exhibition― Utamaro’s Masterpieces Reunited : Fukagawa in the Snow and Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara Together after 138 Years

The Setsugekka (Snow, Moon, and Flowers) triptych is a famous masterpiece of Kitagawa Utamaro (?–1806). It is comprised of three large paintings: Fukugawa in the Snow, Moon at Shinagawa, and Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara. All were ordered by the Zenno family, friends and wealthy merchants from Tochigi, where it is thought that Utamaro painted them.


While they were displayed together on November 23rd, 1879 by the Zenno family during a showing at Jogan-ji temple in Tochigi prefecture, this is the only record of them being exhibited as a set. Subsequently during the Meiji period (1868-1912), the trilogy was taken by an art merchant to Paris. In 1939, the ukiyoe collector Nagase Takeo brought Fukugawa in the Snow back to Japan. It went missing after being exhibited at Ginza Matsuzakaya in 1952 until 2012, when it was rediscovered and, luckily, become part of Okada Museum of Art’s collection. Moon at Shinagawa was purchased in 1903 by the Freer Gallery of Art (Washington DC), and Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara by the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art (Connecticut) in 1957. Today they are still held by these institutions.


For this landmark exhibition Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara is being brought all the way from the United States to be displayed along with Fukugawa in the Snow. It has been 138 years since these two works were shown together in Japan. They will be presented alongside the full-scale, intricately produced replica work of Moon at Shinagawa, completing the trilogy. It’s a dream come true: Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara is traveling over the ocean to be reunited with Fukugawa in the Snow in their home country of Japan. Don’t miss it.

Exhibited Works

Kitagawa Utamaro “Fukagawa in the Snow”<br /> Edo period,ca.1802-06(Kyowa2-Bunka3)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Fukagawa in the Snow”
Edo period,ca.1802-06(Kyowa2-Bunka3)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara”<br />Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, </br>Edo period,ca.1791-92(Kansei3~4)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Cherry Blossoms at Yoshiwara”
Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art,
Edo period,ca.1791-92(Kansei3~4)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Three Beauties”<br />Edo period,kansei era(1789-1801)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Three Beauties”
Edo period,kansei era(1789-1801)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Geisha” <br />Edo period ca.1802(kyowa2)
Kitagawa Utamaro “Geisha”
Edo period ca.1802(kyowa2)
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