Museum Shop

There is a museum shop on the right at the front entrance of the Museum.
You can buy art books, postcards, letter paper,
translucent document files, and other various items.
Please drop by our shop to buy souvenirs as mementos
of your trip to Hakone and visit to our Museum.

Hours: 9:00 to 17:00
You can also use the shop only
  • “Fukagawa in the Snow” goodsClear File Folder(A4): ¥550
    Printed Cleaner ¥756
    Writing Paper: ¥400 each

  • Jakuchu's goodsClear File Folder(A4): ¥350
    Clear file folder(Tri-fold)¥350
    Writing Paper: ¥400 each

  • Writing Paper¥400 each

  • Circular Postcards¥150 each

  • Bookmarks (with Incense)¥400 each

  • Hand Towels¥1,000 each

  • Screen Cleaner¥972

  • Soba Cup (Cherry Blossom Foliage) Set¥4,104

  • Set of 5 Small Plates¥4,104

All prices are tax included.

Okada Museum of Art Original

  • "Fukui Kotaro's Wind/Time"¥4,800
    A bonbon celebrating the fifth anniversary of the museum's opening. It represents "Wind/Time", a drawing of " Fujin"and "Raijin", the Japanese gods of, respectively, wind and thunder. It is the work which best represents the Okada Museum of Art. HSG(c)FUKUI

  • “Utamaro's Fukagawa in the Snow”¥4,800
    Bonbons for mature tastes inspired by Kitagawa Utamaro's masterpiece Fukagawa in the Snow. Inside a pure white snow-like box are eight chocolates each with unique flavors.

  • “Jakuchū's Peacock and Phoenix”¥2,800
    This chocolate expresses Jakuchū's worldview through elegant colors. It's a new sensual experience produced by a combination of Japanese and Western ingredients.

  • “Sekka's Irises”¥2,800
    Beautiful and elegant bonbon chocolates inspired by Kamisaka Sekka's Irises folding screen.

  • “Kōrin's Chrysanthemums”¥2,800
    Fitting for Ogata Kōrin's Chrysanthemums, these bonbon chocolates are filled with autumnal flavors.

Master Chocolatier

Miura Naoki

Master Chocolatier

Miura Naoki

Master chef of Okada Museum of Art's chocolate brand. From the city of Sendai in Miyagi prefecture. After working at a cake shop in his hometown, he trained in Tokyo and then went to France. After returning to Japan, he worked as the opening chef of Daikanyama's “Decadence du Chocolat,” and then became the master chocolatier of “Bvlgari Il Cioccolato.” In 2013 he became known by many after overseeing the television show “Shitsuren Chocolatier.” As the master chef for Okada Museum of Art's chocolate brand, currently he is working to develop exciting chocolates for customers.