A garden space filled
with the blessings of nature

The Museum garden was inspired by the theme
“Vitality of springs and trees: A garden space filled with the blessings of nature”
and designed with a subtle emphasis on harmony with nature.
These beautiful grounds are a vibrant blend of woods and waterscapes of ponds and waterfalls,
creating a rare and compelling vista unique to our Museum.

Admission: ¥300 (Please buy your tickets at Kaikatei.)

Estimated time taken to walk around: 30 to 40 minutes

  • Immerse your five senses
    in Hakone's nature

    Visitors can enjoy the play of the seasons reflected in the scenery: spring with fresh, vibrant, tender shoots and buds and clear streams bursting with snow-melt from the mountains; summer walks in the woods cooled with the sound of cascading water; brisk autumn, and the vivid fire of red and yellow leaves; and winter, a clear and silent waterscape sealed with ice-kissed mirrors. We can only encourage you to feast your senses, enjoy a stroll in a garden of Hakone; never the same, always the first time.

Information on Flowers

Information on the garden's various flowers and other plants.
*The best period for looking at the flowers depends on the weather.