The Okada Museum of Art is a new private art museum that opened its doors in October 2013. It shares Japanese and Eastern artworks and archaeological artifacts, as well as other cultural assets, with the public.

While its collection is centered on early modern and modern Japanese-style paintings as well as ceramics from East Asia (China, Korea, and Japan), it also includes archaeological artifacts such as Jomon clayware, earthen figures, and clay images, ancient and medieval Buddhist artwork (statues, paintings), fragments of famous figures’ handwriting, and crafts such as lacquerwork, jade, and metalwork pieces. In this way, the museum’s collection, which also includes famous and rare pieces, is expansive in its temporal reach as well as the fields it covers. We take pride in the fact that it is able to meet the diverse interests of our visitors.

The museum exists to offer these Japanese and Asian artworks in an excellent environment for viewing, as well as take care of them so that they can be passed down to the next generation. We will see to it that it functions as a place where people can experience and enjoy Japan and other Asian countries’ outstanding art history.

The museum’s beautiful five-story building, which was designed by Miura Shin to make use scenic Kowakudani’s inclined land, has caught the attention of art aficionados for its massive wind and thunder gods entrance mural: the 12 m x 30 m “Wind/Time” by Japanese-style painter Fukui Kotaro. The area around the museum is a restful oasis, featuring a water lily pond, a free-flowing spring footbath, a garden with seasonal flowers, and Kaikatei, a refined restaurant in a renovated Japanese-style house.

It is my hope that Japanese people living hurried lives as well as foreign visitors will be able to enjoy the sights of the international tourist attraction that is Hakone, immerse themselves in our artworks with a relaxed heart and mind, reflect again upon the beautiful assets left for us by our ancestors, and come away with vitality restored in their daily lives.

We look forward to your visit.

Kobayashi Tadashi Director, Okada Museum of Art

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