The Okada Museum of Art in Hakone Kowakudani is a private museum, open to the public for the display of Japanese and Eastern works of art and cultural treasures. The displays represent a lifetime of passionate and discerning collecting by Okada Kazuo. The main collections are early-modern and recent Japanese paintings and ceramics from East Asia (Japan, China, and Korea), in addition the Museum has many fine and rare pieces covering an exceedingly broad range of periods and fields including such archaeological relics as Jomon pottery, clay figurines, and haniwa (hollow clay figures), Buddhist sacred statues and paintings from the Heian and Kamakura periods, and gold-lacquered or glass craftworks. I firmly believe that the collections will be able to fully satisfy the diverse interests of our many visitors.

Over ten years ago Mr. Okada made plans for the founding of the Museum and considered one of his missions was to show art works created and developed in Japan, and Asian art works passed down within Japan, in a suitable modern environment and building. He is committed to ensuring their careful preservation and handing down to the next generations. Guided by Mr. Okada’s vision we at the Museum are determined to do our very best to ensure that the Museum functions as a venue where visitors can really enjoy and feel the splendid history of beauty of Japan and Asia.

The Museum making the best use of the hilly and scenic Kowakudani area comprises 5 levels: 2 underground and 3 aboveground. It is a magnificent structure designed by the architect Miura Shin. Upon arrival visitors are met by an impressive mural and epic work “Wind/Time” by the Japanese-style painter Fukui Kotaro: the picture depicts a “Wind God and Thunder God” and measures 12 m × 30 m. The building has been magnificently finished to become a world-class and full-scale exhibition facility suitable for greeting the many visitors who genuinely appreciate and enjoy excellent art.

We wish that the modern busy Japanese people and our foreign guests visiting Japan can enjoy the beautiful scenery of this international tourist resort Hakone, and with a relaxed mind really take the time to appreciate such uplifting art. We also pray and hope that they will look back with a fresh mind and renewed wonder at the precious legacy of beauty that our ancestors have left to us, to restore their vital energy for the morrow and their creativity to gain new insights.
All our staff members are sincerely looking forward to your visit to our Museum.

Kobayashi Tadashi Director, Okada Museum of Art

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